exploring female sensuality

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eti1 asked: What did you change your everythingelse URL to?

angstistentialism.tumblr.com ahahaahahahahahaha

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever wanted to go out with someone but never had the chance to

oh, God. of course! well, more like make lovers of them. we were involved, but not committed, or it didn’t last for external reasons….

there are a few people that come to mind. I still think about them from time to time to this day, mmmhm

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What was the scariest moment of your life?

uhhm, easily that time a large and rather sturdy friend of mine saved me from being sucked under a giant rock when we tried to swim to the cove in Nicaragua three years ago. (fuckyeahriptide!) I secretly referred to him as ‘my savior’ for months after that, ahaahaha.

either that, or that feeling at the height of an anxious, existential crisis - because at the time, it really does feel like the scariest fucking realisation of your life. (even though it’s practically the same one every time…. lmfaoo.)

remember your manners.

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