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What was the scariest moment of your life?

uhhm, easily that time a large and rather sturdy friend of mine saved me from being sucked under a giant rock when we tried to swim to the cove in Nicaragua three years ago. (fuckyeahriptide!) I secretly referred to him as ‘my savior’ for months after that, ahaahaha.

either that, or that feeling at the height of an anxious, existential crisis - because at the time, it really does feel like the scariest fucking realisation of your life. (even though it’s practically the same one every time…. lmfaoo.)

remember your manners.

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lsd-overdose-deactivated2011102 asked: I just realized I barely even know what you look like. Post some pictures of yourself!

I was thinking that when I was stalking your blog earlier, haaha. I just did! along with a million pictures of my bathroom.

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goldnmorning-deactivated2011111 asked: You're awesome, btw! I love your art as well. Beautiful!

aww, thanks girl! you’re pretty spiffy yourself. I hardly ever post anymore because I got out of the habit of taking pictures of my work and then I feel weird about updating it now because of the giant gap in the progression of my work…. (it’s for a class lol) and then I’m tempted to post it on my other blog. but I’m babbling, hahaa. danke, danke.

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If we don't act now, the “Kill the Gays” bill - a death sentence for LGBT people in Uganda - could come up for a vote in the next 24 hours. Sign the petition now!


Over 450,000 around the world have already signed this urgent call. We’re now hearing the vote will be THIS FRIDAY. Add your voice now to keep up the pressure! 

Can you please take a moment out of your evening and sign and share this petition demanding that Ugandan President Museveni stop the human rights violations by publicly vowing to veto the “Kill the Gays” bill?

In the next 24 hours, conservative lawmakers could move a bill that would make being LGBT in Uganda a crime punishable by death. 

This hateful bill is part of a pattern of the Ugandan government’s violent repression of pro-democracy forces within the country - and time is running out to stop it.

The petition will read:

President Yoweri Museveni: 

The world is united with human rights activists in Uganda, in asking that you publicly declare your intention to veto the “Anti-Homosexuality” bill. 

Don’t let this law, and the worsening human rights situation in the country, make Uganda a pariah nation in the international community.

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