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What fear would you most like to conquer?

hands down, my fear of not fulfilling anything that I aspire to. I wish I could rid myself of my nagging self-doubts, because the fear of not amounting to anything hangs over me every single day like the thought of monday morning on a sunday afternoon.

I suppose I also fear being overlooked - and no, everything I do is NOT over-compensation! I just have learned to give in to my impulses and I dare myself on a daily basis to be as outlandish as I feel, no matter how embarrassing it could be… and I suppose that’s a product of my fear of being overlooked, because there’s so much in my mind that I can’t imagine is ordinary enough to be passed over by everyone - so to be overlooked would mean that I didn’t let it live out its fullest potential.. which I guess is just a product of discussed nagging self-doubts, hmmmm.

remember your manners.

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